Back-to-work morning habits

I’ve recently been off work for three months after a hip surgery (I know, I know, I don’t look 65), and the other day, I was talking to my mother about what a great opportunity this is to start good habits. At first, I was thinking of old habits I want to start up again as I go back to the Monday-to-Friday grind, like throwing my sheets in the laundry every Saturday morning before breakfast. Really, though, I never stopped that habit – how else would I have kept track of the days of the week? – so it’s a bad example.

There are other habits, too, though, new and old. The most important habit for this blog is one I’ve maintained at various times throughout the past year and a half, but always had trouble picking back up after busy times at work. It’s the “write every morning before work” habit.

I’m trying this one again, at least until my workload dictates that I give it a rest. I’m feeling good about it so far. I’ve always liked this habit; I get to work feeling invigorated, my mind whirring with creativity that I can apply to the projects of the day.

What’s your favourite part of your morning routine? Coffee doesn’t count unless you drink it in a particular way, like while snuggling with your cat or watching your kids count their Cheerios… which sounds adorable, so I actually kind of hope that’s your answer. I think mine is probably playing with my cat, which I try to do every morning before I leave for work.